баня (2)At our hotel you can always take a bath services, get an unforgettable pleasure, relaxing by your body and soul. Our baths will give you an opportunity to reduce fatigue and improve mood, take a steam, get healthier, cleanse the body, forget about problems, drink some tea, warm your body and soul.

Russian Bathhouse in the hotel “Yamskaya” – this is an excellent variant for holiday for the company of up to 10 people.

Prices (per hour)

– 600 rubles from Monday to Thursday
– 800 rubles from Friday to Sunday

You always can buy:

  • sauna whisks (birch or linden twigs) – 120 rubles
  • bedsheet – 50 rubles
  • Slippers – 80 rubles

For hotel guests – 30% discount.

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